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Healthy + Easy Meals for the Equestrian Athlete

Have you ever wondered HmWhat should I eat?As athletes we try to choose the option that will satisfy us long enough for our daily activities, but this isnt always feasible with our busy schedules. Ive listed a few of my favorite breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas that I eat quite frequently. These meals are not only nutritious, and healthy, but are easy enough to pack on the go, meal prep with, or find similar options at restaurants. I dont follow any specific diet or have any restrictions, but I do try to eat whole healthy meals because that is what makes me feel the best. Everyone has different nutritional needs, but I hope some of these ideas help you in your daily life!


Oatmeal/Overnight Oats

I love eating oatmeal for breakfast because it is easy, filling, and there are numerous toppings that can be added to reach all the essential macronutrients. Some nights I will prep overnight oats in the fridge. If you dont know what overnight oats are, they are made similarly to regular oatmeal, but they are required to be made hours before by adding a base of your choice of milk and chilled in the refrigerator. It is basically a yummy cold version of oatmeal! Below are some of my favorite recipes.

Pb and Banana:

Oats (I use organic quick oats you can find at any grocery store!)

- Organic Peanut butter (Its the best when it is melted in the oats!)

- One banana

- Dash of cinnamon  

Nutty Rasin Oatmeal:

- Oats

- Organic raisins

- Chopped walnuts

- Flaxseeds

- Dash of honey

Smoothie Bowls

Another go-to breakfast of mine is a smoothie bowl. I love smoothie bowls because they are so refreshing and are perfect for the warmer summer days coming up. I usually blend all my ingredients in a blender with a base of almond milk and then add some toppings!

Acai Bowl:

- One Acai Packet

- One Frozen banana

- Dash of almond milk

- Toppings (granola, strawberries, blueberries, dash of honey, chia seeds) 

Banana Ice cream:

- 1-2 frozen Bananas

- Peanutbutter

- Dash of almond milk

- Toppings (granola, organic chocolate chips)

Protein Packed Toast

My third breakfast I eat quite often is a breakfast sandwich or toast. I tend to choose this breakfast when I have a busy day of showing, riding multiple horses at the barn, or have a big workout planned. This breakfast option has all the macro nutrients needed to keep you energized through your daily activities. Its a perfect meal to pair with an iced coffee and a side of fruit!

Egg and Cheese Sandwich:

- Whole Wheat Bread or a tortilla

- Two Eggs

- Peppers (I chop them up and mix them in with the eggs before I cook them)

- Cooked spinach (This is optionalI always try to get my greens in, but I know some people would not prefer to have this on their morning sandwich)

The Classic Avocado Toast:

- Whole Wheat Bread or Bagel

- Half an avocado

- Two eggs

`- A dash of salt and pepper




I love a good salad for lunch, but sometimes they aren't filling enough which can lead to more snacking throughout the day. I have two salads that I make that are a perfect mid day meal to get me through the afternoon. Sometimes Ill add a side of toast to get some extra carbohydrates in to keep me full.

Grilled Mahi-mahi salad:

- Spinach/mixed greens

- Grilled Mahi-mahi (any kind of fish would be delicious for this salad. I even use canned tuna!)

- Peppers

- Carrots

- Organic black beans

- Half an avocado

- A dash of Italian dressing

Spring Chicken Salad:

- Spinach/mixed greens

- Grilled chicken

- Feta cheese

- A few cranberries

- Few walnuts

- A dash of raspberry vinaigrette


Sandwiches and Wraps

For some reason my favorite lunches are sandwiches and wraps because they are the most satisfying, and are the easiest to pack on the go. I usually pair this with a side of fruit and Im ready to tackle the rest of the day!

Turkey and Cheese:

- Toasted whole wheat bread or a tortilla

- Deli turkey (I get mine from the deli at the grocery store)

- A melted piece of provolone cheese

- A dash of organic dijon mustard

Turkey and Avocado:

- Toasted whole wheat bread or a tortilla

- Deli turkey

- A quarter-half an avocado (depending on the size of the avocado!)

- A thin slice of a tomato

- A piece of lettuce or spinach

- A dash of pepper


I feel snacks are sometimes the hardest to choose when it comes to the healthy options, but i decided to add some snacks I love. When I pick my snacks I like to look at the ingredients to make sure there is no added ingredients that I am unaware of. These options are with few unnecessary unknown ingredients and nutritious. I also added some refreshing drinks I love to get me through the day.

Granola/Protein Bars:

- Kind Bars

- No Cow Bars (I recently found these and I LOVE them)

- Annies chocolate chip granola bars

- Kashi bars

- Cliff bars

Other go-to Snacks:

- Fruit (I personally love apples, oranges, watermelon, bananas, or strawberries!)

- Trail mix

- Carrots and hummus

- Cottage Cheese with berries (This may seem like a weird combination, but trust me its amazing!)


- Of course I drink a lot of water throughout the day

- Iced coffee (If I order I get iced almond milk lattes. I also will make my iced coffee by brewing coffee and letting it chill for a couple hours and then adding almond milk and ice)

- Kombucha (You either love or you hate it but my favorite flavors are trilogy and lemonade)



Dinner is my favorite meal of the day because its my favorite type of food! I don't usually cook dinner because my parents will have something planned. We have some go to meals that are amazing. For my last meal of the day, I like to make sure it is well balanced with all the macronutrients, but also yummy. I also have some favorites I get when I go out to dinner. All these meals are easy to replicate and order at a restaurant.

Home Cooked Dinners:

- Grilled Salmon, Rice Pilaf, and Brussel Sprouts (By far my favorite!)

- Shrimp Jambalaya

- Spaghetti with organic pasta sauce and ground turkey

- Asian Chicken Salad and Paan bread  

- Grilled Chicken, potatoes, and broccoli

Ordering at a Restaurant:

- Sushi (I love sushi and my go-to is a Hawaiian roll)

- Any kind of pesto pasta (Not the healthiest, but you got to treat yourself sometimes!)

- Chicken Caesar Salad

- Grilled Fish Tacos

- Chicken Fajitas


I am one to get a sweet tooth at the end of the day. I have a few favorite desserts that are healthy and the perfect way to satisfy your cravings.

Dessert Options:

- Halotop Ice cream (I think its way better than normal ice-cream and definitely a must try)

- Hot Chocolate (made with hot chocolate powder and almond milk)

- Popcorn (Not really a dessert but I do love some Boom Chicka Pop to end the day)

- Apple with organic peanut butter

These meals and snacks are not only well balanced, but creative and easy to make. I find myself making these meals quite often and they give me the energy to thrive as a rider, athlete and student. As said before, everyone has different nutrition needs, but I hope these ideas inspired you to try and help you tackle on the day! Remember to nourish to flourish and be the best in what your day may throw at you!


Sheridan O'Shaughnessy

Junior Rider, Zone 7, USA

IG: @eq.sheridan

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