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What's in Karsen's Ringside Bag

If you're anything like me, you've spent countless horse shows lugging a huge backpack around, but do you actually know what was in that bag? Probably lots of things you don’t need, or things that could be stored somewhere else! Here is a look into my consolidated ring bag:

1. The Backpack  

 First thing's, first… the backpack! You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for an “equestrian branded’’ bag. Just be sure to get a bag you know is durable and comfortable to wear. I picked a Samsheild Icon Pack for myself, but other favorites of mine include Maelort, Equifit, and Under Armor. I find the Noble Riders bag to be very heavy when it is unloaded, not to mention loaded. The Samsheild  bag is the perfect size, which allows me to keep just the essentials without being pressed for space or having too much room to overpack. The bag itself is also very light which makes it not incredibly heavy, even when loaded up.  

2. Snacks  

Horse shows are an athletic event! You need to fuel your body for the tasks at hand. There are many mornings I find my self slipping out of the hotel room without grabbing breakfast. Just in case that happens, I like to keep some good non-perishables in my backpack just in case. Snack favorites of mine include Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Almonds, and a few protein bars. I wouldn't recommend fruit snacks for breakfast, but they are great for if you are feeling low energy right before you get on for a boost of carbs. If you are like me, the hour or two leading up to you class, you can’t even look at food. The fruit snacks are great to quickly eat and not feel overly full or sick before showing. I always follow up a ride with a healthy meal to fuel up for the next time! 

3. The Extras  

I like to stash my helmet and a spare hairnet in my bag when getting close to the course walk so if I find myself a little behind, I already have my helmet. I also keep an extra bat in my bag, whether you need one when you get on or need to lend it to a friend, it's always good to have. Same goes for spurs - I keep a versatile pair of spurs that I can use on either of my horses. My “backpack spurs” as I call them, are M. Toulouse Roller Ball spurs. Also floating around in my bag is a carabiner full of extra hair ties, because they always seem to snap at the most inconvenient times.

(Karsen Kadien and DFX Dillard 14. Photo Courtesy of Holly Casner.)  


 4. School Supplies  

Ammies can sub “school for “work”! As a student who manages showing with rigorous academics, sometimes I need to study mid horse-show. While I always attempt to plan my school so I don’t have to work during shows, things sometimes don’t go according to plan. I like to keep my iPad in my backpack, Instead of lugging around my laptop which is heavier. I also keep a pen and notepad incase I find myself taking a class in my barn’s setup. I attend a 100% virtual school, so classes at shows are common!


TFE Ambassador Karsen Kadien

IG: @karsenkadien_

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